Give your child the gift of unshakable confidence.

By teaching your child time-tested non-violent BJJ techniques, Gracie Bullyproof builds physical and verbal confidence so your child can overcome bullies without violence.

“Play” Jiu-Jitsu while learning respect, discipline, and focus.

We know that kids learn best while having fun. And while the kids can’t get enough of our “Gracie Games,” Pearland parents love how character development is a central component of our kids martial arts program.

And the best part is, all the kids who demonstrate measurable character development in their daily lives will qualify for our Grace Game Day Party!

Prepare your child for life.

Kids who train martial arts have a higher success rate in school. Why? Discipline, focus, goal setting, and drive. Gracie Bullyproof instills these incredible traits in your child, every time they come to class.

Come see what makes our Pearland Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes so special.

Gracie Bullyproof builds unshakable confidence so your child can overcome bullies without violence.

Every month in the United States, three million children miss school due to fear of bullies. We will teach your child to use verbal assertiveness to deter bullies and non-violent self-defense techniques to stay safe.

Importantly, we don’t teach how to punch or kick, since this often does more harm than good. Instead, we use leverage-based control holds to neutralize threats without violence.

Get 10 Days of Gracie Bullyproof Kids Martial Arts Classes in Pearland

“Let’s start off by how excited my son gets anticipating his Jiu-Jitsu class. Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu has has not only kept my sons interest but is also increasing his attention span.”

“They teach valuable lessons that relate to real life scenarios and simple, yet effective, self defense techniques. They use incentives to promote good behavior and good choices outside of class.”

“I can see the difference in my kids behavior since when they started these classes. Charlie and Sergio are the best coaches out there, class after class, they show patience, discipline and respect towards the kids.”

“They teach the kiddos how to react when they get bullied. They also encourage healthy habits. I highly recommend them for any parent who wants her child to learn self defense and have fun at the same time”

“I love this place. Great people, amazing coaches, and wonderful atmosphere. Kids classes are well structured, they learn the fundamentals while playing games and having fun. I’ve been training for a few months now and would recommend to anyone, kids or adults, looking for a good environment and building self confidence.

The Gracie Difference

Building a Strong Foundation for a Lifelong Journey

1. Critical Confidence

Increased Awareness: We teach your child to know the difference between “joking” and “bullying” so they know when and how to act  in each situation.

Unshakeable Confidence: A confident child is a Bullyproof child. Bullies seek “easy targets” – those who will not stand up to their abuse. We arm your child with the tools they need to overcome physical, verbal, and psychological harassment.

Total Responsibility: We prepare your child to deal with bullies without turning them into one. We emphasize discipline, responsibility, and respect throughout our kids martial arts program.  We teach the 5 “Rules of Engagement” to make sure they never abuse their power.

2. Verbal Jiu-Jitsu Training

One of the most pervasive and damaging forms of bullying is verbal harassment. Gracie Bullyproof is the kids’ jiu-jitsu program that makes “Verbal Jiu-Jitsu,” part of it’s regular curriculum.

We’ve devised a series of role-playing exercises to teach kids how to identify and manage the common scenarios associated with verbal harassment and bullying.

Gracie Bullyproof students are taught how to speak assertively when necessary, but they also learn how to use direct eye contact and confident posture to deter bullies from targeting them.

3. “Push Teaching” vs. “Pull Teaching”

All the self-defense techniques are presented in the form of “jiu-jitsu” games so that kids are highly excited about learning them.

When a child makes a mistake, we don’t focus on the error. Instead, we emphasize what a child did correctly. Through positive reinforcement, we help the kids reach their full potential without jeopardizing their love for the art.

Get The Gracie University® Advantage

In addition to live classes, every student receives a subscription to Gracie University Online, which gives you unlimited online access to the Gracie Bullyproof streaming instructional video archive.

Use this resource to review past lessons, learn new techniques, and prepare for future belt tests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer or mobile device!

Take advantage of this powerful tool and take your technique to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Children's Martial Arts Program.

Will my child become a bully?

Through our work, we have seen that confident kids make kinder kids. We teach children how to not only stand up to bullies for themselves, but how to stand up for others. Our Rules of Engagement teach children to avoid the fight if at all possible by first using their words, and then telling an adult.

When they do need to resort to physical self-defense, we do not teach children punches or kicks in the Gracie Bullyproof program, but rather, empowered by Brazilian Jiu-JItsu, to neutralize, defend, control, and negotiate if possible.

What do I need to bring for my first kids BJJ lesson?

Upon arriving for your child’s first jiu-jitsu class, we will provide a uniform, called a gi, for them to wear. We recommend wearing comfortable undergarments or leggings, and a t-shirt or rashguard that they can wear under their gi.

Someone will be there to help you tie your child’s belt for the first time!

My child has ADHD. Will martial arts help?

My Child Has ADHD. Is jiu-jitsu for them?

Yes! One of the great things about martial arts classes is that it’s an individual sport done in a group environment. We find all our students improve in their focus, self control, discipline and social skills. But the best part is…. They don’t even realize that is what our highly trained kids martial arts instructors are actually doing. They just think they are having fun!

The best way to find out for yourself is to take advantage of our limited time offer. You’ll find our team so helpful and dedicated to helping your child become the best version of themselves. If you are concerned about group classes for your child, we also offer private classes until they feel ready to take on the group class setting!

Kids karate classes vs kids BJJ classes. Which is better?

Many parents ask, what’s the difference between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate classes? While we believe all martial-arts have value, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has not only been proven to be the most effective martial art for a smaller person to defend themselves in a real fight for nearly a century, it also can be the most gentile.

We don’t want our kids or students turning into bullies themselves, and we also believe self-defense should be scalable, depending on the situation. Whereas kids Karate lessons or Taekwondo classes rely solely on landing punches and kicks, jiu-jitsu for kids focuses on neutralizing a threat with verbal boundaries, distance management, body control, and eventual negotiation.

Are parents allowed to watch?

We encourage parents to watch their children in their kids martial arts lessons. We love parents getting involved! Even better… you can join in our martial arts classes for adults, and have yet another thing in common with your little one. We love seeing the bond of families who train together!

My child is not athletic. Will they feel left out?

We believe jiu-jitsu is for children of all skill levels and abilities. Your child belongs here.

Through our kids martial arts classes, we have seen our students improve co-ordination, balance, motor skills, focus and discipline. Plus, they make lots of great friends!

Our instructors are highly skilled in teaching martial arts to kids. It’s their PASSION!

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